Terms and Conditions

Welcome to MemeCoinUniverse, the Fair Pre-Sale access token. As the flagship token of MemeCoinMarketplace.com, MCU serves as the entryway to nearly unlimited pre-sales in a guaranteed scam-free marketplace. 

    1. Not all tokens qualify for an MCU pre-sale. All MCU pre-sales are guaranteed against Rug Pulls, Honey Pots, and Inactive use-cases. To guarantee against rug pulls, our contracts are written by Defiant Platform and audited by Safe Solidity. 
    2. Rug Pull Protection: A rug pull is when a development team removes all of the ETH liquidity from the liquidity pool (LP). This is different than a fork which requires the removal of liquidity so it can then be loaded into a new smart contract. MemeCoinMarketplace.com requires liquidity to be locked on all tokens and re-locked when the current lock expires. In the case of a fork, the liquidity must be locked right away at launch. Only two members of the development team have access to the contract wallet and vault wallet to insure against rug pull types of scams. 
    3. Honey-Pot Protection: A honey pot scam is where a development team will make an attractive token but the traders either never receive an airdrop, or the token cannot be sold. All MemeCoinMarkeplace.com tokens can be traded both ways; bought and sold; as soon as liquidity is loaded to App.Uniswap.Org. 
    4. False Promise Use-cases Scam Protection: These are very hard-to-spot types of scams in the token trading space. A development team will make an attractive-looking project, and tell the community it is going to do something amazing, yet there is nothing to show for it. All MCU Pre-sales will be on projects that have a use case that is active, tangible, and measurable. This is to say that the community can see the use-case in action, the use-case provides a direct benefit to the holders, and the community can engage with the use-case to directly grow the value of the coin. This is to mean that any community member can use their time and/or non-monetary resources to increase the value of the token and therefore increase the value of their holdings.
    5. Development Team Abandonment Protection: This type of scam is among the most common and by far the most disheartening. This is where a project with great potential launches, the development team is active while trading is good, and as soon as trading dies down, the project cannot sustain itself and the development team has to go back to their day jobs. MCU specializes in small business-based coins that are simple to run and can be contributed to directly by the community of holders. If a project developer with MemeCoinMarketplace.com fails in their duties or resigns, they can quickly be replaced by a qualified member of the community. The duties of the project developer will be temporarily assumed by the core development team in the meantime. Project developers are compensated based on the work provided and the success of the business. This type of process helps ensure holders have a viable long-term hold and helps protect the holders from the whims of a single person.
    6. MCU looks to protect holders and pre-sale participants where possible.
    1. Fair Pre-sale is a concept developed and launched by the MCU team. MemeCoinMarketplace.com is the first ERC launch pad to offer this kind of pre-sale to the public on multiple coins per year. The primary meaning is that all participants are treated equally and fairly during the pre-sale process.
    2. Open to the public: In order for a pre-sale to be considered fair, the general public needs to have time to see the pre-sale and enroll in it. All members of the public can participate in any MCU pre-sale provided they hold the minimum amount of MCU tokens required for pre-sale participation. The pre-sale is widely marketed and open for 7 days or more. This type of open pre-sale allows the token to reach the maximum number of people excited for launch while also requiring a small commitment from the participant that they hold MCU token.
    3. Tiered Distribution Protection: Most pre-sales in the current smart contract offer different pricing to different people depending on how close you are to the development team. This sometimes will include a “Developer Tier” that includes tokens given freely to members of the development team. Their close friends and family get a nice low price and the public pays a much higher price. The team at MCU has seen pre-sales that include developers taking more than 30% of the supply. We have also seen a tiered program that offered ten times as many tokens to certain traders over others. We take this to be highly unfair. MCU does not allow for tiers of any kind. All pre-sale participants will get a number of tokens directly equitable to what they put in. If you buy 0.5ETH at the pre-sale you will get the same amount as everyone else who paid 0.5ETH and you will get twice as much as someone who participated at 0.25ETH. Occasionally MCU will run contests to win a pre-sale bag of tokens. 
    4. Whale Protection: Many pre-sales in the smart contract space will allow many levels of pre-sale participation starting with the smallest holder and allowing for some participants to hold 100 times as many tokens at launch. This type of pre-sale is deemed unfair due to the outsized holdings a few whales can have at launch. MCU Fair Pre-sales currently only have 2 levels of pre-sale participation. Running only 2 levels of pre-sale participation provides several benefits and levels of protection for the holders. For example, the airdrops are much simpler and more accurate when receiving tokens. Also, you will be either the largest real holder at launch or the second largest, everyone buying the token after you will have to pay a higher price.
    5. Paper Hands Protection: Having paper hands means that you sell your tokens quickly instead of holding for massive gains. These types of traders make their way into every project and too many of them can kill any project’s momentum. MCU institutes what we call a “Paper Hands Tax” for the first 1 to 7 days after launch. This “Paper Hands Tax” can range from 19.75% to 24.75% currently. This additional tax applies to all traders, not just pre-sale participants. The general public will be notified of the paper hands tax prior to the launch of the token and it will be included in launch day marketing. 
    6. MCU looks to protect holders and pre-sale participants where possible.
    1. As stated above, not all projects qualify to hold a pre-sale with MemeCoinMarketplace.com and MCU token. Several requirements must be met before launch to ensure the holding public is protected against false promises. The holding public does not need to wait any period of time to see and experience the use-case of the token tied to the pre-sale. 
    2. The business plan for the project must be initially developed. We say initially and not fully developed because we expect the project to grow and evolve with the needs of the market, getting ahead of market trends whenever possible. 
      1. For example: When MCU token was initially launched in October 2021 it was the first of its kind. MCU was the only token and project available to offer Fair Pre-sale access on guaranteed scam-free tokens. We believe this helped set a new standard for ethics and development team behavior in the smart contract space. When EXEC marketing token launched, it was originally called MCM, the use-case started to become outdated and the revenue source was not effective. Facing this problem the development team created an entirely new and forward-thinking method of marketing by parting with Defi News Agency Media Group. MINE was the third pre-sale to be opened by MCU and already had 3 mining rigs running at launch. The evolution of the original business plan leads to the Community Hash Contribution Program, NODE validating, CPU mining, and NFT sales that generate revenue for more rigs while simultaneously rewarding holders.
    3. A confirmation email will go out the day of launch to all airdrop recipients. This email will be sent to all pre-sale enrollees and will include the contract code and an expected launch time.
    4. Listing on NextCryptoLaunches.com. All available DYOR links, project descriptions, and launch dates must be listed on NextCryptoLaunches.com before launch day.
    5. Marketing and Community: Sufficient marketing must be done during pre-sale that provides the needed starting liquidity for the project and a community must be built around the project for launch day effectiveness. The larger and more excited the community is at launch, the better the project will sustain and the more protection the pre-sale participants will have. 
    6. A website must be built and running prior to launch that fully explains the use-case of the project. This website must include: a roadmap, tokenomics, contact the development team, a full description of the use-case and how it directly increases the token value and rewards the holders, and links to provide actions and results in the project is producing. The websites are always subject to changes and updates. 
    1. Participating in an MCU pre-sale is both a privilege and a limited commodity. MCU aims to host a pre-sale every 6-8 weeks on average. Our launch pad focuses on community engagement projects that provide a revenue source back to the token or the holders. We do not launch charity donation tokens or casino plays. This is very important to maintain the integrity of our projects, pre-sales, launches, and community. Pre-sale participants have a number of requirements, some mandatory and others highly encouraged. 
    2. Mandatory requirements: In order to participate in a MemeCoinMarketplace.com pre-sale, you must hold the minimum amount of MCU tokens for the level you wish to participate in. Once you hold that amount of tokens, you need to connect your wallet to our Web3 portal to verify your holdings. This will allow you access to the pre-sale enrollment form. You must complete the pre-sale form, agree to the terms and conditions and send the selected amount of ETH to the wallet listed on the form. Level 1 can participate at 0.25ETH and level 2 can participate at 0.5ETH
      1. Level 1: Must hold 50 Billion MCU (0.05% Supply)
      2. Level 2: Must hold 100 Billion MCU (0.1% Supply)
    3. Pre-sale participants are highly encouraged to spread the word about the pre-sale and the launch. This can include but is not limited to: Reddit campaigns, Facebook announcements, Twitter shoutouts, TikTok Videos, direct message campaigns, and others. 
    4. Joining launch day voice chat and inviting others is highly encouraged.
    5. Be the word-of-mouth help any new small business needs when they are getting off the ground. Talk about the use case and how it directly rewards the holding community.
    1. Not all projects are built equally and not all projects launch with equal success. The difference-maker is what happens 3, 6, and 12 months after launch. At MCU we have seen projects gain 1,500 holders seemingly overnight only to be rug pulled by the developers. We have also seen great projects with amazing use-cases struggle to gain 500 holders early on. Here is a look at some of the short term results experienced by MCU pre-sale participants:
      1. MCU Token: MCU launched to the public on 17th, 2021. After a slow start in the first week, MCU had a new all-time high every day for more than 18 days. Pre-sale participants were in for a rocky start and kept great enthusiasm. The development team and the community put on a strong word-of-mouth marketing campaign with great success! Pre-sale Participants who held experienced 12X gains in just the first 4 weeks after launch. MCU pays a 6% ETH reflection on volume and this allowed for a Return on Investment to holders in the first 4 weeks of trading. It took approximately 3 months for pre-sale holders to earn back their entire investment just in ETH reflections. They were able to see these returns without ever having to sell a token.
      2. MCM Token: MCM had a great launch and experienced 5X growth in the first hour alone. The trading volume was so high that MCM trended #1 on Dextools.io for a little while. Sometime after launch, the use-case was underperforming and caused the token to underperform and MCM merged with Defi News Agency Media Group to relaunch as EXEC. The Executive token is now providing returns to MCM and EXEC holders while also having a revenue-based use-case that can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for the holders.
      3. MINE Token; The Official MINE token had the largest of the 3 pre-sales to date. Pre-sale participants experienced a bot attack at launch and most held on. After sitting at 2X for nearly 4 weeks, MINE pre-sale holders gained 19X at an all-time high in only 9 weeks after launch. MINE pre-sale holders also received a return on investment of 35% in those first 9 weeks. After a great launch more revenue generators through CPU mining, NFT sales, a community pool, Helium mining, and others
      4. Pre-sale number 4 is expected to be open from May 2nd, 2022 to May 16th, 2022.
    2. MCU intends to attract long-term holding pre-sale participants to establish a strong foundation under which a thriving business can be built. Our results to date back this intention with results and returns. 
    1. The privilege of pre-sale participation comes with a certain amount of responsibility on the participant. You must accept and follow all terms and conditions outlined in the “Terms and Conditions” which are available to ready any time at MemeCoinUniverse.io. Failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions can result in the forfeiture of tokens, removal from future pre-sale participation, and loss of funds. Trade honestly and trade carefully.
      1. Must be 18 to qualify. 
      2. Pre-sale participants must register for pre-sale using the wallet holding the proper amount of MCU tokens.
      3. The MCU tokens must be held for the entire duration of pre-sale participation.
      4. Pre-sale participation ends with the final airdrop, not at launch. Failure to hold the minimum amount of MCU tokens will prohibit any outstanding airdrops
      5. Limit One (1) entry per person.
        1. Entries from one person under false or fictitious names will not be accepted. If a false or fictitious registration is submitted no refund will be given. False identities are at the discretion of the MCU Core team and cannot be appealed. 
        2. If you have violated these rules in a previous pre-sale do not attempt it again, your enrollment will not be accepted and any funds sent will not be returned
      6. Enrollment ETH must be received prior to receiving your enrollment email
      7. The pre-sale Enrollment form must be filled out honestly and accurately
      8. Terms and Conditions must be accepted for pre-sale participation
    2. Failure to comply with all rules and regulations can result in loss of outstanding airdrops and/or forfeiture of enrollment funds. MCU looks to protect holders and pre-sale participants where possible.
    1. Pre-sale participants are offered the best opportunity for success and MCU is always improving our process. Vesting is being introduced on the fourth pre-sale in the marketplace and will be mandatory for all participants.
    2. Vesting: The vesting period provided is designed to offer maximum protection to the holders and the project. Pre-sale participants will receive an airdrop of 25% of their token supply prior to launch on launch day. Every 2 weeks after launch for a period of 6 weeks, participants will receive 25% of their supply until all tokens have been dispersed
      1. Airdrop 1: Launch day, prior to liquidity load. 25% designated supply.
      2. Airdrop 2: Two (2) weeks after launch. 25% Supply, plus reflections accrued on total supply outstanding.
      3. Airdrop 3: Two (2) weeks after launch. 25% Supply, plus reflections accrued on total supply outstanding.
      4. Airdrop 4: Two (2) weeks after launch. 25% Supply, plus reflections accrued on total supply outstanding.
    3. Once the vesting period is complete, participants will have received all of their purchased pre-sale supply and all corresponding ETH reflections. 
    1. MemeCoinUniverse token serves as the access token to pre-sales launched within MemeCoinMarketplace.com. MCU only offers pre-sales that are: Fair, Whale Free, Scam Free, and with a project that has an Active, Tangible, and Measurable use case. All projects are also protected from development team abandonment.
    2. MemeCoinMarkeplace.com and MCU do not assert to be a blockchain. MCU tokens currently operate entirely on the Ethereum network as a smart contract.
    3. MCU Launches tokens on behalf of an assigned Project Developer. MCU does not directly run the day-to-day operations of the token or use case.  
    4. Pre-sales will be open to the public, widely marketed, and available to anyone holding the minimum amount of MCU tokens necessary. 
    5. Trading MemeCoins and cryptocurrency, in general, is highly volatile and MCU recommends consulting a professional before trading. Trading tokens involves a high amount of risk and MemeCoinMarketplace & MCU do not make any guarantees of financial gains or return. It is important that every individual do their own research and trade responsibly. 
  9. INDEMNITY: Pre-sale participants and traders of MemeCoinMarketplace.com tokens shall hold MCU and any of its partners harmless from all claims, liabilities or obligations arising as a result of violating these Terms and Conditions.
  10. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES: Traders of MemeCoinMarketplace.com tokens represent and warrant as follows:
    1. The pre-sale enrollment form is accurate and complete
    2. No guarantee of financial gains is made to pre-sale participants
    3. Participants are responsible for their own due diligence and research
    4. Enrollment can not be withdrawn by the participant once payment of ETH is sent.
    5. Participant is abiding by all rules, terms and conditions for enrollment as explained in this document.
    6. Pre-sale Participants assume all risk with pre-sale enrollment up to and including loss of funds.
  11. MEDIATION OF DISPUTES: With the acceptance of these term and conditions any individual(s) or entities assume the risk associated with trading cryptocurrency tokens and cannot hold MemeCoinMarketplace.com, MemeCoin Universe or any of it’s partners responsible for loss of funds. All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by binding arbitration in the state of California. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.Arbitration fees are to be paid for by the complainant.

The terms and conditions laid out in this document must be followed by all people participating in a MemeCoinMarketplace.com pre-sale via the MemeCoinUniverse token. For more information or questions check out MemeCoinUniverse.io or email us at Info@MemeCoinUniverse.io